AGI Open Rotterdam


What is AGI?

Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) is a professional association of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers, with 527elected members from 43 countries across the globe. AGI is a borderless design community that supports each other’s contributions to the field and the world at large, both as designers and citizens. Our mission is to promote practices of design through our annual conference as well as talks, partnerships, exhibitions, publications and educational pursuits.

AGI was founded in 1951, in Paris, and continues to uphold the values set out by its founders, who hailed from either side of the French / Swiss border – Jean Picart Le Doux, Jacques Nathan Garamond, Jean Colin, Fritz Bühler and Donald Brun –that graphic design is fundamental to how we communicate, educate and inform. As an organization,we remain unique – a place for growth and development, and a constantsource of creative inspiration for members and non-members alike. 

Membership is prestigious; AGI inducts new members annually, from single practitioners to partners in multinational agencies, whose expertise includes typography, graphic design, branding, self-publishing, design writing, way-finding, illustration, animation, experience design and many other creative pursuits that constitute visual communication. Members whose names are etched in the design history books are plentiful – Allan Fleming (Canada), Rico Lins (Brazil), Herb Lubalin  (USA), Josef Müller-Brockmann (Switzerland) and Wang Xu (China), to name just a few. In 2018, we welcomed 28practitioners including Josefina Bunster (Chile), Jianping Fang (China), Silvana Amato (Italy), Rens Rogier Muis (Netherlands) and Gail Bichler (USA).Each designer was put forward by an active member, had their work reviewed by the international jury and was voted in.

What is AGI Open?

Each year members convene in a different city at the AGI Congress. Here, members meet in a spirit of friendship, curious to hear of each other’s activities, keen to debate the profession and learn more of their host city. Educating design students worldwide has been a core feature of Alliance Graphique Internationale’s annual members’ gatherings since 1979 when student seminars were first introduced to the Congress programme. Since 2010, under the presidency of Paula Scher, AGI Open has run concurrently with the Congress. These student-focused conferences have taken place in México City, Paris, Seoul, Biel/Bienne, São Paulo, London, Hong Kong and Barcelona. Central to the success of AGI Open is that members freely participate in talks and events that extend knowledge and encourage generations of students and designers in attendance, some of whom will go on to become members in the future.

Not for Profit

AGI Open is a not-for-profit event. All AGI members pay for their expenses and receive no fee for their participation. The funds raised are used exclusively to ensure that the annual member’s Congress takes place.

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