AGI Open Rotterdam


Anna Lena von Helldorff (DE)


Anna Lena von Helldorff’s praxis is based on the principle of collaboration in varying constellations and formats—reflecting on forms of exhibiting, presenting, publishing, making public—she understands graphic design or rather gestaltung as an editing process to communicate and visualize existing and new structures and their content as an act of interpretation, a process of translation—as vital part of society and therefor everyday life—with a focus on the potential relation between language, type, image and meaning—considering the economic conditions in visual production.
Her studying of visual communication started in Munich as daughter of Rolf Müller, passed through the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig with cyan, Ruedi Baur, Markus Dreßen—and continues as teaching herself when there is the chance.
She founded the collective studio buero total (2006–2019) and co-founded the KV—Art Association of Contemporary Art Leipzig, reflecting on contemporary production of visual culture and its resources. She moved to Munich in 2019, to take on the heritage of Rolf Müller, considering the archive as platform and source for questions and discourse in visual communication—looking at the past in the present to project a „future“ of visual communication.

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