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Sigrid Calon


The work of Sigrid Calon (1969) navigates between autonomous and applied art. As an artist she has set her own goalposts somewhere between design, graphic design and autonomous art. Characteristic for Calon are intuition, ratio and playfulness. She is searching for wonder and gets inspiration out of the everyday things that surround her. Her work appears fresh, new and modernistic.

Sigrid Calon was born in Den Bosch, raised in Eindhoven and lives and works in Tilburg, where she studied textile design at the Academie voor Beeldende Vormgeving (Academy of Visual Design). After years of experience in the world of design, she focused entirely on artistry from 2005 onwards. In search of the quality and control of an autonomous image, she developed a unique point of view and personal signature in the following years.

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