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Björn Wiede (DE)



Björn Wiede (* 1981) is part of the Berlin-based graphic design studio Zwölf, which started as an interdisciplinary working community in 2000. Together with Stefan Guzy (* 1980) - both are alumni of the Berlin University of the Arts -, he mainly works for clients from the arts, culture and the public sector. Both designers are known for their mostly typographic posters with a strong conceptual approach. The use of experimental printing techniques leads to the founding of Handsiebdruckerei Kreuzberg in 2010, a fine art screen printing atelier where they collaborate with artists and designers. They have been working for national and international galleries and artists as Albert Oehlen, Ayşe Erkmen, Andreas Schulze and Martin Eder among others.  In 2016 Björn Wiede and Stefan Guzy have been inducted as members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI). They have given workshops and lectures at art schools in Paris, Stuttgart, Berlin, Weimar, Halle and Düsseldorf.

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