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Fan Ding (CN)

United Design Lab


UDL is a design and innovation studio.
We deliver design and consultancy services for clients from both commercial and cultural areas.

We highlight professional design consultancy services. The market today is filled with competitors of comparable value, and the key factor of success lies in design. Standing out requires innovation. Design is no longer considered to be the simple addition of certain process, but instead the key link of success. Meanwhile we also pay close attention to the reform between individuals and culture, society and the world. We are now at the transition of the old and the new, and a new version will lead us to discover people’s arising needs and problems. People who notice this change and seize the opportunity will be able to succeed. They are the ones of high passion and strong execution, who look ahead and turn wild dreams into reality. We sincerely look forward to cooperate with these people, to push things and make dreams happen.

We are now paying every effort to embrace business of branding, art direct, story telling, photography, space design, product design, experience design, publishing, etc. with talented professionals from multi-disciplines. Understanding context, defining concepts and delivering design concisely and clearly with sensation and experience is what we do.

In 2015, UDL London was established, ever since, professional product design consultancy services is available.
Now, the studio is both London and Beijing based.

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