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Walking Chair


Born in Switzerland, FIDEL PEUGEOT settled down 1992 in Vienna, Austria. Peugeot studied graphic design at the School of Design in Basel with ARMIN HOFMANN, WOLFGANG WEINGART and RENÉ PULVER. Today he works in various design fields such as typeface design, graphic design, illustration, product design, architecture, furniture design, scenography, animation and music. In addition to the spoken word, the designer loves the written word and develops his own texts, product names and songs. In 2002 he founded with KARL EMILIO PIRCHER the WALKING CHAIR DESIGN STUDIO focusing on new design perspectives (Design Follows Content). In 2011 the WALKING CHAIR monograph “YOU DO DESIGN YOU — WE DO DESIGN YOU” was published.

Fidel Peugeot became President of AGI Austria in 2017.

CLEMENS THEOBERT SCHEDLER: “I met Fidel Peugeot in a hotel elevator in Vienna. That was in 2007, and I had already known his work for quite some time. Since then, we have run into each other on several occasions — on the street, at conferences, exhibitions, and when brought together by joint projects. He has become a friend. His work always gives me a stimulating jolt, charges my zest for life...”

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