AGI Open Rotterdam


Karin van der Heiden (NL)



Karin's interest in design archives arose during her study graphic design in Arnhem where teachers talked extensively about their professional role models. Because the work of previous generations was hardly visible at that time, she understood the urgency to preserve the professional legacies of designers and make them digital accessible for younger generations.
As director of the Nederlands Archief Grafisch Ontwerpers she was responsible for the preservation of the archives of the first generation of Dutch graphic designers. In this role she developed a comprehensive knowledge system and gained expertise on the complex issues surrounding design archives on which matter she still is frequently consulted.
Consequently she researches the role of the creator in the digital preservation of professional materials and works on a PhD research on the digital transformation of the graphic profession.
Currently she works as an independent curator-consultant, writer and lecturer, participates in the theory program of the University of Utrecht and works as a consultant on the digital disclosure of the textile design archive of Vlisco in Helmond.


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